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American, European, or Asian: Which Used Car Brands Can You Trust?

When you are out to by a new car, you really do not have to put much thought about the quality of the vehicles that are coming out of the factory. In the same price slot, almost all car manufacturers maintain the same features and it is really up to you as to which brand you want to see in your garage. But you cannot carry the same mentality while buying used cars. Different cars from different brands age differently and that is where you need to be picky. You simply cannot stop your search with the best car dealerships near me. You must also look at the brand and decide whether you want an American, European or Asian car.

Asian cars are the most reliable

Time and again, when it has come to used cars and their reliability, the Japanese and the Korean carmakers have consistently topped the list of all surveys, be it the one conducted by J.D. Power or the studies of Consumer Reports. Toyota has enjoyed the most fame along with its luxury wing Lexus as the cars are known to run seamlessly for over a decade with their engines returning an impressive performance. Mazda comes next closely followed by Hyundai, Kia, and Honda. Especially in the sedan category, the American and European makers are struggling to catch up and the Asians are indeed the ones whom you can trust.

You can look at the Americans for pickup trucks

The US carmakers like Ford and General Motors have really capitalized on the demand and liking of picking trucks amidst American consumers. In this segment, you should look for Chevy trucks in Greenville, South Carolina overlooking the likes of Toyota, Honda, or Nissan. The Asian pickup trucks do come with a lot of technology but when it is a matter of power, they rarely can overtake a Ford F150 or a Silverado 1500. American trucks are surely more reliable than their peers out there.

European makers disappoint

If you really want a vehicle of European make, go for Dodge when searching for used cars in Greenville, South Carolina. Others do not fare well in the reliability chart. Consumer Reports lists Fiat in the second-last position in the reliability column while German brands like Mercedes and Audi also disappoint a bit. However, when you buy from the top buy here pay here used car dealership, you can stay assured that your car will run you for a healthy amount of time, despite its makers. Still, survey-wise, European makers rarely pack a good reliable deal in the used section.


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