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Can Flood-Damaged Used Cars Make Their Way to Taylors Dealerships?

The last major reported flood in Greenville County happened way back in 2004 that had left many homes and businesses devasted and destroyed properties all around. The tropical storm of that year called Gaston also caused serious floods in Greenville. Since then, there have been sporadic floods in Greenville with sporadic rainfall but nothing was serious enough to make the news. Water, at most, stood till the tires heels and cars now rarely sell in Taylors with flood-damage. Do you buy this story? If yes, then here is your reality check.

Used cars in Greenville can still be flood-damaged

No recent history of a flood is not proof enough to automatically conclude that none of the vehicles standing with a dealer will be flood-damaged. One, excessive rain can cause floods in a specific area where a few cars get damaged. Two, the garage where the car was standing may also see flood even when the area is dry. And three, which happens most of the time in small-time dealerships, flood-damaged vehicles are transported from flood-hit areas into Taylors with the title transferred and you buy such cars thinking flood could not possibly have damaged the car. So, yes, used cars and used trucks for sale in Greenville can be flood-damaged.

Why dealerships in Taylors accept flood-damaged vehicles?

You can buy flood-damaged vehicles at ridiculously cheap prices. And this means that the dealership got the car at an even lower rate. Once a car has stood in water, it becomes a lemon. The owner wants to get rid of it quickly and accepts whatever the dealer offers. The transport and title transfer cost does not add up to much and dealers sell these used cars and used trucks in Greenville with a healthy profit. You become the ultimate loser trusting that Taylors dealerships cannot have flood-damaged cars. If there has not been any massive flood in your area recently, this is the perfect opportunity for unscrupulous dealers to hide the flood-damage history.

Check for flood-damage anyway

When it comes to buying used cars in Greenville, do not assume anything or depend on your instincts, even if you are visiting the best dealership in Taylors. Check for rust and flood-damage on the vehicle’s body. Look for water lines on the headlights or a damp odor inside the cabin. Inspect with the assumption that something is wrong with the car and avoid buying without warranties. Used cars are the best ways to save money but only if you buy from the best after proper inspection.


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