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How Buying Used Cars Helps You to Save the Environment?

Environmental impacts and climate change are no longer issues that you merely read in textbooks. The effects of our actions are happening all around us as we stand as the last generation who can proactively do something about it. Naturally, it all comes down to our daily habits and one of the major carbon emission sources is our cars. We have burnt enough fuel that has already heated up the Earth beyond acceptable limits. So, if you are an aware buyer, you will definitely look for an eco-friendly option while buying yourself a car. And believe it or not, a well-maintained used car in Greenville, South Carolina, can be more fuel-saving than any other new car that is currently out there.

Why new cars are hardly environment-friendly?

Well, you may look at a new car with a 35 mpg EPA rating and think that it is eco-friendly. Or you may look at a hybrid model and decide that the 50-odd mpg is eco-friendly. Even if these are not decent enough, surely the upcoming electric cars will be friendly to the environment that does not run on fuel at all and so, the question of emission does not arise from anywhere.

But in reality, none of these options are eco-friendly enough. A study by Toyota revealed that 28% of the total carbon emissions that a gasoline car is supposed to emit in its entire lifetime happens during the manufacturing process only. And the figure is higher with hybrid models with two engines under the hood. As for electric cars, it may seem that the vehicle is not emitting anything, but unless the charging point is renewable, it will still leave a carbon footprint.

So, every time you buy a new car, the manufacturer will replace it in the dealership and add 28% extra carbon in the environment. But let’s say if you pick a used car in Greenville, South Carolina, no further footprint gets added as you are basically reusing the product that some else had already bought.

But old cars have low fuel efficiency

And yet, it is better than buying a new car. When you buy from the top buy here pay auto dealers, you get a quality car. Such vehicles with proper maintenance will not drink as much fuel as you might think. Stick to the norms of fuel-efficient driving. Take your vehicle for the scheduled maintenance at reputed servicing dealers. And your choice of a good used car will always remain the best eco-friendly choice that you ever made.


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