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Should You Buy Your Leased Car Instead of a Used Car in Taylors?

If you currently hold a leased car and have read the lease agreement before signing, you probably know that there is a buyback clause mentioned somewhere. That is, you can choose to buy the leased vehicle from the financing company at the end of the lease term and take legal ownership of the vehicle. Now, buying one’s leased vehicle makes sense to most because you probably know the car inside out. It was under your care all along and you controlled its history, unlike any used car out there.

However, buying your leased vehicle always do not make sense. Search for the “best used car dealerships near me in Taylors” and you can get a better offer along with a better car. Consider all your options before accepting the buyback clause and look beyond to make informed decisions.

When buying your leased car make sense?

• You have taken exceptional care of the car

You have taken the vehicle for all its routine maintenance and driven the car exactly according to the owner’s manual guidelines. You have changed the oil on time, stuck to the mileage limit mentioned on the lease, and did not let the AC running with the windows open. By buying back this leased car, you can bypass a lot of hard work of searching for a quality used car. Only a few can match up to the care that you have given your car.

• You have a good credit score

To buy back your leased car, you will need a pre-approved loan. And that is only possible with a good credit score. The leasing company may also offer to finance you but seldom will they readily approve a loan of a bad credit score holder. If you are thinking of buying back, start working on your FICO score. Cut down on your expenses and diligently pay off your existing debt.

When buying your leased car does NOT make sense?

• The car depreciates faster than anticipated

Leasing companies place the buyback clause in the leasing agreement at the time you lease the vehicle. They estimate the rate at which the vehicle will depreciate over the lease period and put a buyback number based on that estimation. More often than not, that estimate does not match the actual value. In other words, your leased car may depreciate faster and worth less than the buyback price mentioned in the agreement. Search for used car lots near me and verify the price of the same model as your leased car. If you find a similar vehicle for a better price, why pay more for your leased car?

• You do not need a low-mileage expensive vehicle

Compared to used cars and used trucks for sale in Greenville, SC, your leased vehicle will be an expensive car. It will have low mileage because of the limit set by the lease agreement and the fairly recent year of manufacture will keep the price high. Buying back leased vehicles only makes sense when you compare them to their newer counterparts but you should think used if you can do without the new feeling and low odometer reading. Buying used cars is cost-effective. You get similar quality vehicles without spending much.

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And explore our used cars after your current lease term ends. First, we offer you vehicles of impeccable quality and maintenance history that also come with a 2 year/36,000 miles warranty. Next, we are a buy here pay here in Greenville and help you with auto financing despite your bad credit score. Pay as much down payment as you can afford and pick a quality car right within your budget. Buying used cars from us is always the smarter decision than buying back your leased vehicle.


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