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Used SUVs or Pickups – What do Taylors Residents Prefer?

Pickup trucks are the best-selling segment all over America. Right next to them come SUVs. We love our comfort and space and car manufacturers are delivering both in these categories that were previously reserved for large luxurious sedans. Today, a pickup truck is as comfortable as a Mercedes. SUVs have also become bigger and better. Naturally, Taylors replicates the rest of America in placing both in the most-favored list.

But between these two, which one does the citizens buy the most? Used SUVs or used trucks in Greenville? Exploring this will give you an idea about what you might need for yourself along with what is perfect for the Taylors roads.

“I really did not see my family traveling in a truck”

Carroll Bryant favored an SUV over a pickup. He bought a 7-seater full-size vehicle which he says “serves my family’s needs very well.” Bryant added that his car usage is limited to those weekend gateways with the family and dropping everyone to school or work. Beyond that, the extra space helps with the crib and groceries. “Although owning a truck seems fascinating, I do not see my family using it.”

“Definitely a truck! You always need extra space.”

Alfred Wash burn did not even look into used SUVs for sale in Greenville. According to him, when the prices are nearly the same, why settle for less space. “The used Nissan Titan I bought can easily seat 5 passengers. Plus, I get the bed for all my luggage. Why will I go for an SUV that just adds space for 2 passengers more in the cabin and the cargo hold is not even comparable to the pickup’s bed?” Wash burn ranked pickups higher on the utility scale.

“If you do not need a large vehicle, it has to be an SUV.”

Shelli Jasper had thought her options through. And she was on a tight budget. “You really do not have much choice when it comes to used pickup trucks. Unless you buy a crew cabin, the interior space is just not enough. But you can go for mid-size SUVs or even crossovers and you get all the necessary features at a much lower price.”, were Jasper’s words. She also pointed out the convenience of driving an SUV in a city over a pickup truck.

So, who do you agree with? Who resonated with your feelings exactly? No matter what you buy, be sure that it is from one of the best used car dealerships in Greenville. Quality comes above all. You will want reliable vehicles that do not spend more time in the shop than in your garage. Check for warranties, test drive with all your senses working. Do your research and buy the SUV or pickup that will best serve your needs.


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