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Why are Honda and Toyota Used Cars in Taylors So Popular?

Ask any car novice or expert in Taylors, someone in your friend’s circle or family group, a random stranger on the road,or the rating agencies that whose used cars are better and the answer you will mostly get is either a Honda or a Toyota. These two automakers currently rule the market. People come to our dealership with their minds fixed on either Toyota and Honda buy here pay here cars. So, what is all the fuss about? Why are people obsessing over these two automakers when several other options are available in the market? Should you follow or break the trend? Let’s discuss all that in this post.

The story begins in the 1970s

When Ford and General Motors had quite a name in the United States. In the bid to disrupt the American auto market, two competing foreign players started making sturdy cars that saw fewer repairs and survived longer than their American counterparts. Reliability, thus, became a buzzword and average Americans started buying cars of automakers who promised better reliability and fuel-efficiency over superior engine performance. Toyota and Honda started attracting a large number of fans and the trend has remained intact even today.

Reliability matters when it comes to used cars and trucks

You will typically be buying a 5-year-old vehicle. And you will expect that used car or truck to run you at least for 3 years more without seeing expensive repairs. Modern Honda and Toyota cars survive for 10 years and more without breaking down, provided the vehicle has been maintained properly, and returns the highest EPA figures in the market. Naturally, the automakers are hot favorites when it comes to Greenville used trucks and used cars. They tick all the right boxes in the features list and are not expensive to own.

But the US auto market is not the same anymore

Yes, Honda and Toyota made better cars in the 1970s and 80s but their competitors have not been sitting idle. Today, visit one of the top buy here pay here dealerships in Greenville and you will see that a Subaru packs the same safety features as a Honda and Kia offers the same reliability scores as Toyota. Even, Ford and GM outperform the two popular automakers in certain aspect sand other silent players like Mitsubishi, Volvo, and RAM are also making a strong case.

In all, remember that your options of quality used cars and trucks are not only limited to Honda or Toyota. Pick a reputed used car dealer where you get warranties and buy the vehicle that suits you.


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