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Used Cars for $500 Down: Can You Trust Such Offers in Taylors?

With $500, you can definitely buy a new smartphone. But a whole car? Naturally, the alarm bells go off in your mind where the cautious side starts warning you of some shady deal or hidden terms that the dealership is not revealing. However, you are partly right. Today, financing used cars in Taylors has become easy. Lenders are willing to lower the down payment payable as your overall financial information is easily available that helps them to gauge your creditworthiness, no matter what picture your credit score paints. Yes, there are some deals that you cannot trust but if a reputed buy here pay here in Taylors offers a $500 down deal, you can trust the deal with your eyes closed.

How is the deal even possible?

Take Family Auto for example. When you visit our buy here pay here in Greenville, SC, you can design your auto financing in the following ways to just pay $500 as a down payment.

1. Scan through our vast inventory to pick a used car whose net price to down payment ratio is not high. This way, you can pay $500 and yet, keep a lid on the credit burden that you take out of our dealership.

2.Trade in your old vehicle at Family Auto and use its underlying dollar value in the down payment of the next car. Then, just add $500 from your side and end up with a high down. You stand to benefit both in terms of upfront payment and interest rates.

The used car you buy from our dealership with $500 down will have a flat 2 years/36,000 miles warranty. Your options will not be limited to a selected few as you are just paying $500. The deal is possible in Family Auto because of our flexible down payment plan where the idea is to enable you to finance a used car for as much as you can.

Do all $500 down deals look like this?

Unfortunately, they do not. The dealership’s reputation matters when it comes to excessively impressive deals. When you search for used cars for $500 down near me and end up in a random dealership, you will either

1.Get a really cheap car that might have a history of accident, flood, or fire damage, or carries a salvage title.
2.Or, the dealer might sell you a quality car but inflates your loan burden to benefit from the interest paid.

All $500 down deals are not like Family Auto where you get to design your down payment structure. Most dealerships already have a structure that helps them profit and you will have to accept what’s on offer. So, before looking for $500 down used cars for Greenville, SC, do your research on the dealer. Check for warranties and look at the inventory quality.

Go for the best $500 down deals

And buy a used car for nothing at all. In the best buy here pay here in Taylors, it is all about the customer experience and the $500 down deals are for your benefit. Visit Family Auto of Taylors today to see if they have offers running for you to buy a used car with just $500 down. Get more exciting deals and own a vehicle without worries.

Do you have those $500 down cars all the time?

Not necessarily true, but we run those specials very frequently. Call our dealership at 864-246-8820 to find out what specials we currently have.


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