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When Leasing a Car in Taylors is NOT Cheaper?

You have probably heard this statement multiple times being a car owner – leasing a car is always cheaper. In fact, leasing companies in Taylors, Greenville, SC highlight this statement in their banners claiming that they are almost $100 cheaper than credit payments. Not that they are false claims but the service providers do not paint the full story. They are cheaper by $100 from the credit payments of new cars. But when it comes to used cars, leasing a vehicle is NOT the cheaper alternative.

The actual story

The average credit premiums of new cars can easily go over $500-600 depending on the vehicle you are buying in Taylors, Greenville. Compared to that, leasing that same model might cost you $350-450 which is nearly $100 less per month. But Greenville used cars come with nearly the same premium rates as leased vehicles and you take ownership after the credit same is over. With leasing, add the “due at signing” amount, and the net cost will be costlier than the used counterparts. And you continue to pay you lease premium as you retain the vehicle which never happens with used car financing.

But I don’t get a new vehicle

A logical point! Today, you can lease a 2021 Acura RDX at around $369 per month for 36 months along with due at signing amount of $2,799. In lots having used cars for sale in Greenville, you can never get the latest model. But when you compare the 2021 RDX with a 2018 RDX, you will not find much difference unless you want those revised specifications that the automaker has included in the latest model. The engine power of both is in the 279 HP range. Cargo space and safety features are comparable. So, if you are buying for your family where your priority is to invest in a reliable model, why pay all that extra money for a similar car?

The long-term benefits are undeniable

You will have to return the 2021 Acura after 3 years, even when you made all your lease payments. The 2018 Acura will, however, remain in your garage. You will have to renew your lease to get another vehicle. The used car will be paid off and serve you without mileage or any other restrictions. You can draw loans with your car as a mortgage. You can sell your used car to get an upgrade. None of these can happen when you lease. So, consider all the benefits that used cars can bring to your life at the same monthly price. Visit a top buy here pay here in Taylors, SC and purchase a used vehicle without further apprehensions.


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